Narciste apo e lidhur me modën? 20 raste që modelja e famshme ka patur emrin e saj tek rrobat 0 796

Emri i saj është i bujshëm në të gjithë botën dhe fytyra e saj po zë kopertinat e revistave më në zë. Pamja e saj e ëmbël dhe trupi i saj perfekt e kanë bërë të pëlqyeshme në sytë e shumë fansave. Kohët e fundit, është vënë re një fenomen tek modelja, që ka emrin e saj të qëndisur apo të stampuar tek rrobat që vesh.

A është ky fiksimi i radhës që do të përhapet si virus? A do të fillojnë njerëzit pak kohë më vonë të ecin duke patur si targë emrin e tyre prapa bluzës?

Duhet të presim që ta shohim.

Ndërkohë, më poshtë, një album prej 20 fotosh që Gigi Hadid ka veshur rroba që mbanin emrin e saj në to.


<p>To ring in her golden birthday, the model (who turned 23 on April 23) slipped into something a little more comfortable. Posing alongside pal <a href=";taken-by=prabalgurung">Prabal Gurung</a>, Gigi wore <a href=";from=1">a custom Juicy Couture tracksuit</a>, featuring 2,300 Swarovski crystals that formed a golden &#8220;23&#8221; on her back and of course, spelled out &#8220;Gigi&#8221; on the front.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Gigi grounds her retro outfit &#8212; high-waisted mom jeans and cat-eye shades &#8212; with her favorite trend, a Rebecca Minkoff top with her name embroidered on it.</p>


<p>The star replaced the peacock on her <a href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=460311.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=21551&amp;;u1=POFASG1GigiHadidAA">Morgan Lane</a> <a href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=460311.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=21551&amp;;u1=POFASGIGigiHadidAA">PJ set</a> with her name in script (then added glasses and <a href="">Stuart Weitzman heels</a> to make it very clear this is streetwear, not sleepwear).</p>


<p>The star ensured that she made her mark on <a href="">the TommyxGigi collection</a>, creating <a href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=460292.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=20904&amp;;u1=POFasA1GigixTommyAA">a bodysuit</a> with her insignia wrapped around an anchor.</p>


<p>At this point, she doesn&#8217;t even have to spell out her whole name to be recognizable. (She also has the advantage of being BFF with Kendall Jenner, who can get her the hookup on Khlo&eacute; Kardashian&#8217;s <a href="">instantly wait-listed Good American initial hoodies</a>.)</p>


<p>Even her Halloween costumes can&#8217;t be mistaken for anyone else&#8217;s: Her Cub Scout uniform came complete with a personalized tie tag (in case she gets lost in the woods, maybe?).</p>


<p>If a globetrotting model like Gigi ever forgets where (or who) she is after a few red eye flights, she just has to refer to her helpful Frame Denim jacket.</p>


<p>It&#8217;s 95&deg; in N.Y.C., so that calls for a few light layers &ndash; just a hoodie, Neuw jeans and a Romi Basha cargo jacket with your name emblazoned across the back in block letters.</p>


<p>If her many jackets and shirts didn&#8217;t make it clear, this <a href="">Poolside bag</a> certainly will: the model is Hadid AF.&nbsp;</p>


<p>When wearing <a href="">Yeezys</a> and <a href="">Stan Smiths</a> just isn&#8217;t enough Adidas for you, the only thing left to do is to request a custom, hand-painted bomber (hers is <a href="">The Mighty Company</a>) that really spells out your devotion to the brand in 2-in. high letters. </p>


<p>Apparently the star made a big impression in her hashtagged Mikhael Kale cropped moto at the 2015 MuchMusic awards – because they asked her back to host in 2016. (Of <a href="">her six outfit changes</a>, though, none bore her name.) </p>


<p>Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid had an assist from the guy upstairs when it came to their supermodel daughter – as this custom Bella Freud sweater can attest.</p>


<p>If you pass the star on the street and do a double-take too late, this Mother x Jacquie Aiche chambray top will confirm that yes, that <em>was</em> her you saw.</p>


<p>Of course, she could always spare you the second look by wearing one of her many bombers that announces her presence on the front lapel.</p>


<p>Like this one, for example.</p>


<p>Or this one!</p>


<p>For her initial (get it?) foray into the world of personalization, the star sported her monogram on a tiny perforated Proenza Schouler bag.</p>


<p>One plus for wearing your name across your back, like she did in this <a href="">Dresshirt</a> button-up? It makes you easy to find in a crowded arena.</p>


<p>Some of Gigi&#8217;s personalized picks require context – like the tied-up tee she wore to walk next to then-boyfriend Joe Jonas, in a nod to their couples&#8217; nickname. (<a href="">Maybe you needed to be there</a>.)</p>


<p>At this point, Gigi may have more customized jackets than your average NFL player. </p>

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